About Siberia

Siberia is known for its beautiful nature, breath-taking views and great people! Even though taiga forests and beautiful rocks are our everyday natural environment, we still admire our land and its rich gifts. We want to share not only tastes of wild berries and aromas of forest herbs but also the stories of our region including our own history of ups and downs on the way to finding our own place in this world. You do realise that geocoordinates that we print on our jars are not random. A great idea has become reality! By clicking the names of berries you can trace back on Google maps to the places in Khakassia and Krasnoyarski krai where berries, cones, nuts and herbs have been collected. In this way you can try the unknown lands. We hope our sincere dreams will give a start to long friendly cooperation and later (no matter how crazy it might sound) you will even come and see those unknown parts of taiga. Welcome to Siberia Trip with TastyTaiga.com!

Birch sap
Cedar cones jam
Siberian Tea Kedrach
Bird-cherry jam
Pine cones jam
Cedar nuts in pine syrup
Honeysuckle jam
Bilberry jam
Blueberry jam
Cranberry jam
Cowberry jam
Sea buckthorn jam
Raspberry jam