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Siberian herbalists believe that the more difficult it is to find a healing herb the stronger its effect will be. An evergreen bush “sagan dalya” hides on mountain slopes. Its delicate young leaves and flowers are collected by the strongest and toughest men as it is not an easy to go hiking in steep mountains.
Sagan Dalya Tea will give you energy and help you get rid of apathy and sleepiness, so it’s not recommended to drink it before bed time. But if you drink it in the morning you won’t suffer from insomnia at night. 
Add 3-5 leaves to 1 glass of hot water in a thermos flask, wait for 20 minutes and drink regularly during 20 days, then take a break for the same number of days. To get rid of toxins in your body it is recommended to drink a glass of pure water after a cup of Sagan Dalya Tea.

Origin: 52°47'26.4"N 93°15'29.7"E

Ingredients: Sagan Dalya