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Price: $65.00

What else can you bring from Russia if you’ve already got valenki and they refused to let a bear board a plane? Of course, it’s gift! It’s a favourite set of Krasnoyarsk visitors, business travellers and tourists. A light wooden box, aromatic tea and a jar of jam – Siberia’s best! It weighs almost nothing, it won’t occupy much space and it is guaranteed to delight your recipient!

In case you want something bigger and more personalized we will add an engraving of your choice – nice words, good wishes or your company logo.

The set will be ready in 2-3 days + the time of delivery for Russia and 1-3 weeks for workldwide 

Dimensions: 16x12x10 cm

The gift set contains: cedar cones jam and Siberian tea

Decorated with: cedar bark chips, Siberian fir twigs, cedar nuts, pine cones