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Price: $90.00

Bear’s best into your hands! And it is well-packed in a big comfortable box which looks like a book. It’s brown, smells of forest and wood fire. In spite of its impressive size, the box looks stylish and quite small! It’s 2.5 kg of pure delight from “tasty Taiga” – pine cones jam, wildberries jam, tea and sweets. There are extra safety precautions – the box can be locked if you don’t want your sweets to be stolen by your friends and family members. But it won’t be safe for long!

In case you want something bigger and more personalized we will add an engraving of your choice – nice words, good wishes or your company logo. 

The set will be ready in 2-3 days + the time of delivery for Russia and 1-3 weeks for world 

Dimensions: 21x21x10 cm

The gift set contains: pine cones jam, two jars of wildberries jam of your choice, Siberian tea, sweets with cedar nuts in chocolate and honey, a cedar cone and a greeting card

Decorated with: cedar bark chips, Siberian fir twigs, cedar nuts, pine cones