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Price: $75.00

Heavy artillery! A gift for real bogatyr (Russian strong man) or three smaller bogatyrs)) This set is particularly large and is enough for a big tea party – it contains 2 kinds of pine cones jam, taiga tea and exclusive taiga sweets. You won’t be able to stop – just a warning!  

In case you want something bigger and more personalized we will add an engraving of your choice – nice words, good wishes or your company logo. 

The set will be ready in 2-4 days + the time of delivery for Russia and 1-3 weeks for worldwide delivery 

Dimensions: 22x18x10 cm

The gift set contains: pine cones jam and cedar cones jam, Siberian tea and sweets with cedar nuts in chocolate and honey

Decorated with: cedar bark chips, Siberian fir twigs, cedar nuts, pine cones