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Our hard work, ideas and their realization have already become special and are recognized by people all over the world. This is so inspiring! It means that we have found a universal way to share the taste of taiga with the whole world!  It’s not assessed by simple “likes”, the winners will be chosen by experts in the sphere of design. It goes without saying that we are heading for the final and have already started writing a winners’ speech. But we are also proud of just being on a short-list for now. There are no borders in the world, if you love what you do, you can make wonders. And we are a living proof of that.

#EdAwards has existed since 2007. It unites those who absolutely love design and set trends in package design, communications and marketing. And we are honored to have become part of this greatcompany! We are changing the world, we are trend-setters and we have good taste))))

Do you not believe us? Just try our jam then….



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