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Honeysuckle has a rich taste and it is a bit sour. If you like honeysuckle a cold is not a problem for you. It’s even healthier than citrus fruit as it contains more nutrients and microelements. It is recommended for people with heart and vessels problems. It also helps to fight fever during a cold and has antibacterial properties. honeysucklenectar is a tasty healthy drink. It’s rich in taste, has a distinct after-taste, bright violet colour and spice aroma of forest berries. This nectar will quench your thirst, gives you vitamins and refreshes after exercise. It’s ready for use. If the taste of it seems too intense, use 1:1 water to make it less vivid.  

Volume: 0.25 ml

Package: glass

Content: directly squeezed honeysuckle juice, citric acid, ascorbic acid, sugar, water. Minimal weight percentage of juice is at least 30%

Shelf life: 18 months 

Origin: 51°51'33.3''N 89°46'38.1''E